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Isabelle Beaubien’s artwork is considered mixed media, with an expansive spectrum of colors that are powerful, invigorating and inspiring. Her paintings can be viewed as a study of contrast as she works with acrylic enhanced by a resin overlay that she spread on only some part of the painting. Isabelle’s flat background create depth and perspective in her abstract work to capture and freeze a vibrant and colorful moment in time and space. 


"I do not use brushes, instead I create my own tools, taking chances spreading the paint in very energetic strokes. My work is an adventure as I will always be surprise, not knowing what the end-result will be.  I am constantly pushing the limits of the colors, textures, and forms to their extreme potential.”


Isabelle’s technique, bursts of color that result in happy accidents, allows her to release the control of her craft while reminding her of the unknown discoveries that awaits each of us in our journey. Letting go of the power of the piece allows her inner voice to influence each stroke and not hold back on her creativity.



Isabelle Beaubien is a native of Montreal, Canada where she studied Fine Arts at Concordia University. Upon graduation, she spread her wings to fly and went on to earn her Master’s degree in Contemporary Art from The Villa Arson, Nice, France. From there, Isabelle moved to London, where she has exhibited her energetic abstract paintings and was highly sought after with commissions throughout the UK. She spends some times in Florida and she is now back in Canada, where it all began. Isabelle is working full time as an artist and exhibit her works all around the world. 

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