2010- London School of Photography, level 1

2007- DNSEP (MFA in Fine Art), Nice National Superior School of Art, (Villa Arson),

          Nice, France

2004- Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (Major in Painting and Drawing, Minor in       

          Psychology), Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

2001- Cultural Exchange (8 months) Cornouaille Superior School of Fine Arts, Quimper, France


Solo Exhibitions:

2019- Solo Exhibition, Reflection, Zago Studio Gallery, San Diego, USA

2019- Solo Exhibition, Transition, Frelighsburg Art Center, Canada

2018- Solo Exhibition, Meet the Artist, Nob Hill Gallery, Quebec, Canada

2018- Solo Exhibition, Beyond First Sight, Sol Taplin Gallery, Miami, USA

2017- Solo Exhibition, No Brushes No Borders, Macaya Gallery, Miami, USA

2017- Solo Exhibition, Colorfield 2,  Peninsula I - II, Miami, USA

2017- Solo Exhibition, Colorfield, The Blosser Gallery, Pine Crest School, Fort Lauderdale, USA

2016- Solo Exhibition, Squaring the circle, Tudor House Gallery, Sawbridgeworth, UK 

2016- Solo Exhibition, Opposites Attracts, Parndon Mill, Harlow, UK

2016- Solo Exhibition, Spectrum, Gabriel Fine Art, Waterloo, London, UK

2015- Solo Exhibition, One Shot, East Gate Gallery, Harlow, UK

2015- Solo Installation, Harvey Center, UK

2011- Solo Exhibition, For a Friend, Besso International, London, UK

2010- Solo Exhibition, Back to paint, Apt 195, London, UK

2006- Solo Exhibition, One Movement, Liqwid Night Club, Nice, France

2005- Solo Exhibition, Blue Remake, Blue Not, Nice, France


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2019- Group Exhibition, Winter Exhibition, Old Brompton Gallery, Chelsea, London, UK

2017- Group Exhibition, Fascination,  Macaya Gallery, Miami Art Basel 2017

2017- Group Exhibition, City of Darkness, 508 Gallery, Chelsea, London, UK

2017- Group Exhibition, 13th Art and Photographic, Sawbridgeworth, UK

2016- Group Exhibition, Harlow Open, Gibberd Gallery, Harlow, UK

2015- Group Exhibition, Final Countdown, Old Brompton Gallery, Chelsea, London, UK

2015- Group Exhibition, Contrast, Linus Gallery, Pasadena, California, USA

2015- Group Exhibition, Timelessness, Gabriel Fine Art, Waterloo,London, UK

2015- Group Exhibition, Present Arts, Parndon Mill Gallery, UK

2015- Group Exhibition, Catharine Miller Gallery, Chelsea, London, UK

2015- Group Exhibition, Colour Shop, Gatehouse Arts, Harlow, UK

2015- Group Exhibition, Elements; part 2, The Tabernacle Nothing Hill, London, UK

2015- Group Exhibition, Elements, Gabriel Fine Art Gallery, London, Waterloo, UK

2015- Group Exhibition, Trails, East Gate Gallery, Harlow, UK

2007- Group Exhibition, Géneration 2007, Gallerie de la Marine, Nice, France

2007- Group Exhibition, Dernière station avant l'autoroute, Museav, Nice, France

2007- Group Exhibition, Festival CinémaBrut 2007, Léo Lagrande space, Mouans-Sartoux, France

2002- Group Exhibition, Les Célibataires, Gallery Carrée, Quimper, France


Art Fair:

2019- New-York Affordable Art Fair, New-York, USA

2019- Seattle Art Fair, Seattle, USA

2019- Affordable Art fair, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2019- Art Market San Francisco, California, USA

2019- London Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London, UK

2019- Brussels Affordable Art fair, Brussels, Belgium

2019- Milan Affordable Art Fair, Milan, Italy

2018- Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2018- Sofa Chicago, Chicago, USA

2018- Art San Diego, San Diego, USA

2018- New-York Affordable Art Fair, New-York, N-Y, USA

2018- Art Market and Design, Bridgehampton Museum, Montauk, N-Y, USA 

2018- Affordable Art fair, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2018- London Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, London, UK

2017- Aqua Art Miami, Art Basel Week 2017, Miami, USA

2015- London Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea, London, UK


2018- Klassik Magazine, Art Section, January 2018

2017- Art Basel and Beyond, South Florida Luxury Guide, Art Basel Edition 2017

2017- Miami Now, Miami Magazine, Fall Edition 2017

2016- Vogue’s Gallery, British Vogue, March Edition, 2016

2016- Interview, Inside Artist Magazine, Spring Edition 2016

2016- Vogue’s Gallery, British Vogue, February Edition, 2016

2015- Interview of an artist, Mixed Media by Pebeo

2015- Harlow’s world of Art, June Edition, Essex Life Magazine



2001- Millennium Scholarship, Canadian Millennium Scholarship Foundation


Selected Collections:

2016 - The Salisbury House, Moorgate, London, UK

2011 - Besso International Ltd, America Square, London, UK

Private collections in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, USA, France, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Italy

Upcoming Exhibition:

Art San Diego, San Diego, USA

Amsterdam Affordable Art fair

Singapour Affordable Art Fair

Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair                                                                                                                                                                     


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